Fields of Practice

International Transactions Real Estate
Mergers and Acquisitions Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property
Corporate and Securities Law Hi-Tech and Venture Capital
Business Entrepreneurship Labor Law
Commercial Law


International Transactions

The office specializes in consulting and accompanying international transactions. In this field of practice the office assists in determining the preliminary framework of the transaction, charting its structure and managing the negotiations throughout the transaction. The office emphasizes to its clients not only the legal aspects of transactions, but also the business, economical, taxations and financial aspects, in order to optimize the alliance under the existing circumstances.

Among other transactions, the office has represented clients in forming the Israeli branch of a leading international aerial cargo company, a franchise settlement from a worldwide retail frontrunner company, representation of foreign technological companies and an international retailers' alliances.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The office has wide experience with M&A's, including capital reorganization, shares swaps, splits, purchases and sales of business activities, purchases and sales of assets, joint ventures, leverage acquisitions, Management BuyOuts (MBO's), Management Buy-Ins (MBI's), Employee BuyOuts (EBO's) and more.

The office assists in the preliminary draft of the transaction, manages the negotiations among the parties, partakes in the required due diligence, assists in mapping the relevant regulations facing the clients, drafts and edits the required set of agreements together with the relevant documents etc.

A leitmotif of the M&A transactions is – Antitrust law. This area of law is expending and developing in recent years, both in Israel and in the world, mainly in gradual regulations concerning monopolies, binding arrangements and mergers. Our office represents its clients also in this area of law.

The office has recently represented a prominent merger in the publicity branch, an acquisition of press cooperation, a sale of an information supplier company and more.

Corporate and Securities Law

The office specializes in corporate law, including consultation to companies, regular and limited partnerships, associations, public benefit companies, family businesses and more. The office advises its clients from the initial stage before incorporation, and continuing with the businesses life of each corporation, including private equity transactions public offerings, sale to third parties, stock splits, mergers and acquisitions of assets and other business activities.

In this field of practice the office grants ongoing consultation to the mangers of the relevant company, to the board of directors and shareholders, assisting in the different decision making processes. In addition, the office accompanies non-profit organizations from their foundation, administrating its secretariat, ongoing accompaniment and assistance in the different reports to the registrar of associations; and also accompanies and advising normal and limited partnerships, in legal and other related aspects.

In the securities law field the office has a great deal of practice experience in private and public securities issuances (shares, bonds, warrants, options), preparation of prospectuses, annual, ongoing and immediate reports, tender offers, accompaniment of public traded companies' boards, proceedings in front of the Israeli Securities Authority and the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, consultation in Corporate Governance subjects, due diligence for underwriters. Among others, the office has, in recent years, provided legal opinions and solutions for IFRS issues.

Business Entrepreneurship

The office also specializes in advising and accompanying entrepreneurs in a variety of business branches. Many entrepreneurs encounter a large number of obstacles in the first steps of their enterprise such as choosing the right formation structure for their specific enterprise, establishing the decision making process between the partners, securing the Intellectual Property, investing of the moneys in the new venture, recruiting the preliminary capital, hiring employees, engaging suppliers and customers and distribution of profits.

In this field the office has gained vast experience in escorting the foundation of dozens of new successful enterprises in various fields – communication, aviation, retail sector, publicity, cellular communications, computers and internet, restaurants, facilities and more.

The experience of the office has shown that absence of early planning for all the aspects bounded in the conceiving and birth of the enterprise might notably endanger its success, its embodied Intellectual Property and the capital and the reputation of the fame of the promoters and all the more of the investors. Accurate and appropriate planning may notably increase the enterprise's chances to succeed, its expected yield, and not less important – to significantly reduce the frictions that could develop between the enterprises different partners and associated parties.

Commercial Law

The office has a great deal of experience in the various aspects of the commercial field – advising and escorting commercial and business negotiations of the agreements- engaging in franchise and agency agreements, cooperations, financing and investment agreements, licenses, sale of goods, marketing and distribution, joint venture, regulation and more.

Many companies encounter countless legal issues in their daily lives of various complexities. The office accompanies many commercial entities in their ongoing legal aspects.

Among the office's commercial clients are leading publicity, data security, real estate, public relations, aviation, branding, commerce, retail sector, communication, high tech, logistics, sound companies and more.

Real Estate

The office operates extensionally in the management of real estate. The office consults and assists with negotiations and contracting of acquisitions transactions, sales, rental, lease and tenant agreements of lands, dwellings, offices, industrial and commercial buildings, agreements with contractors, combination agreements, participation and more.

We also advise and accompany Evacuation-Construction ("Pinuy-Binuy") and Condensation-Construction ("Tama 38") transaction which have recently been very common in the Israeli market.

Among others, our clients in this field include entrepreneurs, building and construction companies, contractors, landlords and private investors, in varying kinds of projects – dwellings, commercials and others. Throughout these transactions the office assists in managing the negotiations towards the closing, required due-diligence, regulation procedures, assisting in acquiring the appropriate approvals and so forth.

Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property

This is a wide branch of law which deals with different aspects in the world of media, cinema, television, music, written played creations and more. This matter comprises agreements between producers and creators, authors and publications, musicians and record companies, programmers and software houses, actors and production companies and more.

Our clients in this field, among others, are the Israeli motion pictures investment fund, media distribution companies, cinema and television production companies, producers, directors, script writers, authors, musicians, photographers, Internet content companies and more.

As a central topic in this field the office provides legal consultation in subjects of Intellectual Property, such as copyrights and Performers' Rights, moral rights, trade marks and service marks, utility models, commercial torts, trade secrets, passing off, enrichments, unfair competitions and so forth.

Hi-Tech and Venture Capital

The world of Hi-tech and venture capital is characterized by many transactions which revolve around the special Intellectual Property embodied in it. Generally speaking, these transactions are international ones. Prominent deals in this range are investments, loan agreements, capital raising from private investors and governance authorities of administration (Chief Scientist), mergers and acquisitions (exits), licensing, distribution agreements, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), knowledge sharing, export control, regulation procedures and more.

The office specializes in escorting high tech companies in each of the aforesaid aspects, and gives clients responses, as mentioned above, from their nascent and initial stage, along their ongoing business lives throughout the desired exit.

Labor Law

Labor laws are an integral part of the business world. Many corporations' agendas involve labor laws topics, inter alia, employment structure, wage and benefits structure, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), senior compensation, secrecy and non competition issues, compound issues resultant from dismissal and resignation of employees and more.

The office also accompanies clients in litigation procedures in Labor Courts, arbitrations and mediations, and has achieved a significant precedent in this field in the Israel National Labor Court.