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Personal Attention, Professional Solutions – This is the essence of the office and the root of its pride. Clients of the office will receive individual attention and personal accompaniment from Adv. Eran Cohen-Zion, a dedicated attorney with more than 10 years experience in the fields of practice of the office. The office emphasizes identifying the specific needs of each client. In addition, uncompromising attention is placed on finding the right, professional, efficient and the wisest solution for each client's matters. The combination of these two factors leads to the winning formula and the positive outcomes the office strives for.

The office has designated its objective to impart to its clients a complete solution, providing responses to the judicial aspects alongside with the business, practical, managerial, economic and tax aspects of all transactions.

The office, located in Herzlia-Pituach, deals primarily with commercial civil law, and specializes in international transactions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate law (companies, partnerships and associations) capital market, high tech, investment funds and venture capital, start-ups, private equity, antitrust law, franchise settlements, financing and banking, commercial law, intellectual property and entertainment law, real estate and labor laws.

The office also places a special emphasis on business entrepreneurship. In this field the office accompanies many clients in their different initiatives, starting from the idea, through the beginning stages and creation of the business model – and in some cases up to the initial public offering or exit. The office believes that the enterprises, and of course its entrepreneurs, are the force that motivates the economy, and therefore our office makes an effort to pass on its experience the clients.

The business clients of the office include leading companies in a number of fields such as publication, data security, real estate, infrastructures, public relations, aerial freight and aviation, branding, commerce, retail, media, communication, motion picture industry, high tech, logistics, human resources, sound and more. The private customers include many high tech entrepreneurs, real estate entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, producers and cinema-industry creators, and more.

Adv. Eran Cohen-Zion, born in 1973, has a bachelor's degree LL.B. (cum laude) from the Inter-Disciplinary Center Herzelia, a bachelor's degree B.A. (cum laude) in Business Management from the Inter-Disciplinary Center Herzelia, and a Master degree LL.M. (cum laude) in commercial law from the University of Berkeley, California in collaboration with the Tel-Aviv University. The integration between the legal knowledge with the business knowledge, along with his juristic knowledge acquired in United States enables him to a wide, profound and even creative lookout.

Adv. Cohen-Zion, an experienced attorney, has taken part and represented clients in a variety of transactions in the Israeli economy, including mergers between public traded companies; initial and secondary issues (of either shares, bonds, warrant and options); accompaniment of public-traded companies in the Israeli stock exchange; buybacks; investment agreements; stock option plans and other senior employees motivation programs; consultation to pension and retirement funds, including the establishment of new funds; establishment, accompaniment and business consultation to private companies; management of commercial labor law litigation cases in courts, arbitrations and mediations.

Adv. Eran Cohen-Zion is also a member of the Hi-Tech Committee of the Tel-Aviv district of the Israeli bar association.